Bendik Viking Laland : carved harvest (BVA/LL - 01'60.06,26)

Bendik Viking Aurbakken Laland is, the scientist & art professor behind: Many remarkable honour emblems, like the invention of FlexFit ‐ cap bonds. And for example, in with the original research behind of the: BRIXTON, brand & science fund. Bendik once did, a one million: Dollar donor, for the Norwegian WAA Bank ‐ insurances & policies (NAV.) Bendik has written, formularies for: “Research upon Invention of Future Technologies & Innovation Tools within the Graffiti Language Extensives & Expansives.” Bendik may cast abstract drivials, free & inside of any: Information as, being of the manual & theoretic schematics. He has also released, an - uHelp: Project from he's “Industry & Invention Practice, as a Portfolio Presentation (BVAL : detail.pdf - 2021 launch.)” He did also, figure out that all by the: BAUHAUS measurement, is split & graded wrong. Not even, the: Computer gods, can count like Bendik Laland. And he has, reserved the: Correct numerics, for he's BVAL ‐ Bank only. This bank is the year 4'000 revolution, of total & global: Equality as in one single, currency value & valuta. Bendik also did the important & documentive, standard work & lectures behind of the: Web 3.0 launch from, the WHATWG & W3C internet council & associations. Among with other innovation, for example to: “FaceBook,” “Trap Music,” “BENDIK Music” or for the “VigiLand - human central.”